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House Siding Kansas CityFor many homes, new siding is just what’s needed to improve its look and value. However, installing new siding is about more than appearances; it’s creating a strong first line of defense for your home’s comfort and longevity.

For more than 25 years, smart homeowners have selected Bordner for their home improvement needs. Our attention to details, our great service, and our ability to schedule and complete jobs on time pleases our customers and provides us with the excellent reputation we enjoy.

Contact us to learn more, or click here to read about our siding installation, repair and replacement process, or the answers to common siding questions.

Siding Options to fit your Needs and Style

Colorado Springs Siding InstallationBordner provides a variety of vinyl siding and fiber cement siding options to help you find a look that matches your style, and a high-quality product that will protect your home for years to come. Click here to learn more about siding products, or contact us to see samples.

Bordner’s siding installation experts receive ongoing education and training to ensure the best results for our customers, and it shows. In addition to positive reviews from our siding customers, we’ve been awarded Master Craftsman status by CertainTeed and Certified Expert status by the Vinyl Siding Institute.

“The first experience I had with my Bordner salesperson led me to believe I wanted to utilize this company. This was in addition to the Angie’s List rating and the BBB standing. The job was scheduled and began on time. In addition to the supervisor, the salesperson followed up and monitored the job progress. After the work was complete, an inspection was made and everything was great.”

More than 60,000 homeowners have experienced first hand the excellent workmanship and exceptional customer service Bordner guarantees. You should be next!

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