There’s no doubt about it: new windows increase the value of your home, boost curb appeal and will help you save money on the utility bills.

If you are looking for a project that gives you great bang for the buck, replacement windows are an excellent choice. Before you start shopping around for a Colorado Springs replacement window contractor, there are a few things to consider:

Replacement Windows versus New Window Construction

Replacement windows are fitted inside the framework of your existing window. You will wind up with a slightly smaller window, but they are faster to install and very energy efficient. If your home was built before the 1970s and you choose replacement windows, we will be sure to remove the interior trim and inspect the area for adequate insulation.

New construction windows are necessary if you are upgrading to a bay or bow window. These windows require the full removal of your existing window – down to the original stud. They are a little more expensive to install, but they will allow you to correct any underlying problems when the window is replaced.

Expand Your Room with Plant, Bay, and Bow Windows

Plant, bay and bow windows extend past the walls of your house. Bays typically feature three panels of glass that extend out up to two feet, so you will have a lovely surface for displaying decorations. Bows feature four or five panels that gently arc out in a smooth semi-circle. They create a slightly wider sill to help the room feel larger.

Plant windows (sometimes called Garden windows) feature glass sides, a glass top and shelves. Ideal for growing plants, they also bring more light into the room.

Double Hung, Single Hung, Awning, Sliders and Casement Windows

Traditional windows featuring an upper and lower pane of glass can be double or single hung. With double hung windows, both frames move. Only one pane moves in a single hung window. Casements feature a vertical pane that swings out with a crank window, and they are commonly used in the ends of bay windows.

Sliders feature vertical panes that slide, and you can choose single or double versions to have one or both panes move. Awning windows are single panes mounted horizontally that swing open through top hinges.

Lower Your Energy Bills and Improve Home Value

Modern replacement windows feature argon gas in between double panes, special coatings for UV protection and better seals for energy efficiency. If your windows are more than twenty years old, you can expect to see a drop in utility expenses when you have them replaced. Attractive and fresh, the addition of new windows will boost your curb appeal with their crisp appearance. It also increases your selling price when it’s time to move.

Infinity by Marvin logoPeople often wonder if it’s time to get their windows replaced. If your utility bills are outrageous compared to your neighbors, the windows could be to blame – and it’s time to call your Colorado Springs replacement window contractor.

Single pane windows that rely on additional storm windows should absolutely be replaced, and windows that are original to an older home should be upgraded to new versions. In addition to making your home more valuable, you will also make it more energy efficient and comfortable throughout the year.

logo-proviaIf you’re looking for an honest opinion on the state of your home’s windows, get in touch with us today – we’ll give you a free, objective assessment and provide you with expert advice on what to do next.