Let’s face it. Entry doors in Colorado Springs live a tough life – they are subject to all types of weather extremes. If you’ve been noticing air leaks, cracks, or warping, it might be time to get a new door.

Is it Time to Replace the Front Door?

While the entry way door is probably one of the last things many people would think of replacing in their home, a good front door is a vital part of any house. Getting a new front door installed is an easy, sure fire way to increase the value, curb appeal, and energy efficiency of a home. Overall, a new front door is an important investment that should not be overlooked.

Increase your Home’s Value with a New Front Door

Updating the entry way door is a great way to increase overall home value. Newer residential entry doors are quick and affordable to have installed, and add a number of great features to the home.

Many new doors provide better security against the would-be intruder. Choosing one of the many different door configurations with windows is a great way to brighten up an interior space using natural light. In general, a newer door will last longer than the one that originally came with the home.

Updating an aging entrance with a handsome new door will quickly add curb appeal to the entire home. New doors are available in traditional wood, metal, and long lasting fiber glass.

Many fiberglass doors are now available with traditional wood trim. The right door will protect against the hot sun, cold rain, while still making the whole home look great. A good door won’t only look good outside, it will feel great inside.

Save Money with a New Entry Door

Replacing an old entry way door is a great option for anyone who would like to save money on their heating or air conditioning bills. Newer doors generally do a very good job of keeping warm air in during the winter, and hot air out during the summer.

Many older wooden doors begin to warp over time. As the warping process progresses, insulation properties of the door begin to fail. Eventually, old doors may cause water damage, mold, and mildew as they become unable to seal the interior of the home from the elements. Many new doors will actually make up for their cost with the energy saving they provide.

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