Fire-resistant Roofing and Siding

It’s hot out. There’s absolutely, undeniable, without a doubt no arguments there! And the heat blazing around out there can get downright uncomfortable at times. With that being said, there’s more that comes along with high temperatures than just a little discomfort and high cooling bills. There’s also the threat of fires. This is a reality all over the United States because when conditions become more arid and scorching around this time of year—as they tend to do with high temperatures and little rain—fires become easier to ignite and spread. For this reason, Bordner would like to highlight a few fire-resistant roofing and siding option available out there today from This Old House.

Fiberglass-Based Asphalt Shingles

Recycled-Rubber Tile

Metal Tile

Clay Tile


Stone Veneer

Fiber Cement

Exterior Insulation Finish Systems

Treated Wood


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