What to Ask When Shopping for a New Roof

New RoofMaking additions to your home or starting new projects always entails plenty of thorough research.  When you’re working on making your home a better, more efficient place to live there are always plenty of questions for you to consider when talking with contractors and builders. Despite its simplicity, roofing is no different, and there are lots of factors to consider.

If you’re considering remodeling or resurfacing your roof, when talking with contractors about different products available and their characteristics, it’s a good idea to ask about some of the following details regarding making your roof more energy efficient:

  • Emissivity: This terms defines how much energy or heat is released at a time once it is absorbed. Materials with a higher emissivity can hold in more heat for longer periods.
  • Reflectivity: This trait determines how reflective the material is. The more the material reflects heat and light, the cooler it will be.
  • Insulation: Some types of roofing come with extra insulation and special care may be involved if this is the case.
  • Tax Benefits: Energy efficient materials can save you money if they qualify for tax credits.

Bordner will talk with you about all of these factors when you decide it’s time to improve the efficiency of your home’s roof.  Don’t hesitate to call today and schedule a consultation.

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Prevent Summertime Roof Damage

Here in the Kansas City, MO area, summer storms, dry heat and humidity can drag your roof through the trenches. While the fall is typically the best time to do roof repairs, take a proactive approach over the summer to prevent costly repairs later in the year.  Here are some tips from Bordner to avoid summertime roof damage.

1) Clean out gutters and dropouts. Clear gutters allow water to drain, preventing it from backing up on the room after a summer storm.

2) Make sure your roof is ventilating properly. Avoid heat buildup in the attic, which can affect roof performance and decrease your home’s energy efficiency.

3) Clear the roof space by trimming any overhanging branches that could scrape the roof or cut the shingles.

For more tips on how to prevent roof damage, contact Bordner today.

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Hail Damage Repair for Kansas City Roofs: Faqs

Kansas City RoofsHail storms around this time of year are more common that one would like to think. If a hail storm has recently hit your area, you probably have questions about whether or not your roof was damaged and what steps you need to take to prevent further damage to your home. At Bordner, we regularly receive a wide variety of questions from homeowners trying to figure out exactly what their next steps should be. So we’ve decided to spend the next few weeks exploring the answers to some of those very questions from homeowners in the Kansas City area.

Some of the commonly asked questions include:

  • “I think the recent hail storm may have damaged my roof. How quickly do I need to get it fixed?
  • “Will my insurance agency pay to replace my damaged roof?”
  • “How do I go about selecting the right roofing contractor?”
  • “Why should I choose Bordner?

Visit our page again soon to see the answers to each of the question above explored in-depth. And don’t forget, call Bordner at 816-358-2102 at any time if you suspect your roof may have been damaged. We will quickly send one of our roofing advisors to perform a free analysis of your roof, and advise you of any needed repairs.

Is Roof Damage Covered by Insurance Agencies?

Over the past few weeks, Bordner ran down a few important questions when it comes to roof damage, specifically dealing with damage resulting from hail. One of the questions that we often receive from folks is, “will my insurance agency pay to replace my damaged roof?” Well here’s the answer in a nutshell: usually.

From Bordner:

If you had hail at your home, your roof may be damaged and you’ll need to call your insurance company.  They will send someone to inspect your roof.  The good news is that – in most cases – homeowner’s insurance does cover hail damage. Proper assessment of damage and a restoration plan by a reputable roofing contractor like Bordner can help you obtain insurance coverage.

If your roof has recently sustained hail damaged and you need a reputable certified contractor to give you an estimate for insurance purposes, contact Bordner today. And Remember, keep checking in here at our Bordner blog for more answers to our FAQS in the coming days.

How Soon Do You Need to Repair a Hail-damaged Roof?

Earlier, we quickly ran down a few important questions when it comes to roof damage, specifically dealing with damage resulting from hail. Today we wanted to talk about that first question: “I think the recent hail storm may have damaged my roof. How quickly do I need to get it fixed?”

The first thing you should know is there’s no need to get in a panic or rush to make any decisions. Unless there has been detrimental damage to the roof, such as a breach or the destruction of a skylight, there’s no immediate danger to your or your home. Given this, it’s important to take time out to do your research and figure out exactly what sort of damage you’re dealing with and what it might cost to repair it.

Don’t let any contractor pressure you into doing the repair right away. If they are insistent about beginning work immediately, they may not have the noblest of intentions. That being said, if a hail storm passed through your area recently then it’s likely a waiting list at local roof repair contractors is about to build up quickly. So reserve a space promptly, just don’t rush into it.

Keep checking in here at our Bordner blog for more answers to our FAQS in the coming days.

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Energy Efficiency Summer Check-up

Energy EfficiencyAs summer is now underway, it’s a good idea to make sure that your home is being efficient with its energy usage. Cool air should not be escaping, and warm air should not be entering the house. Now would be a good time to do an insulation check-up, before running your A/C at full blast… and before your utility bills get too high!

– Check your home for drafts. If air is leaking out, you A/C will run longer than it needs to. Use weatherstripping and caulking in airy spaces.

– Turn off the A/C when you’re not at home. It requires more energy to maintain the climate of a house than it does to re-cool it back to the desired temperature.

– Whenever possible, run fans to cool down. A fan uses one-tenth the amount of energy that an air conditioner does.

– When the outside temperature is cooler, wash and dry clothes at night.

If you follow these tips, your utility bill will thank you!

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Selective Stone Installations

Selective Stone InstallationsPerhaps you love the look of stone for your home but it’s not within your budget to re-face the entire structure. You can still inject a complementary swath of stone anywhere in or around the house to give it a sophisticated, updated appearance.

Upgrading certain areas with stone– whether natural, cultured or veneer– can add value to your home. Those stony spaces include fireplaces (indoor or outdoor); retaining walls, fountains and other landscaping features; partial siding; and other outdoor structures where character is desired, such as bars and benches. The material is versatile and particularly goes well with stucco and vinyl siding.

Give Bordner a call for a free estimate on what type of stone surfacing can benefit your home’s look and value. We will show you samples of stone products and provide you with the best, most affordable selection that suits your needs.

Rev up Your Home’s Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding on a home exterior is usually basic looking when it comes to most residences: horizontally installed with slight overlapping over each successive board, waterfalling from top to bottom. It’s a standard aesthetics practice that doesn’t seem to bother anyone.

But did you know that you can get creative with your house siding?

Vinyl SidingOK, maybe we don’t want to get that creative. But since vinyl siding is the most popular form of cladding, you may as well have fun with it, right? Vinyl siding now comes in different colors, textures, scallops and various-sized strips.
Vinyl Siding

You can mix up vertical and horizontal panels and colors.
Vinyl Siding
Or go north to south all the way.

Vinyl Siding

You can even shuffle between multiple textures.
Vinyl Siding
As you can see, creativity in vinyl siding can make your home more attractive and valuable. If you see anything that strikes you, Bordner can install your latest siding designs.

Over-the-top: Green Roofs

While searching for a topic to write about, I came across a website that, according to its short description, discusses “green roofs” and how they benefit the environment. Since roofing hasn’t been talked about on here lately, “green roofing” seemed like a fitting theme. Time for Bordner to extol the virtues of solar panels and eco-friendly roofing materials, right?

Much to my surprise, after clicking on the site link, I discovered that “green roofing” has a more literal meaning than what I had imagined. Green roofs are environmentally friendly all right– that’s because the rooftops are made of plants!


These are also called “living roofs.” The vegetation grows upon soil held by a waterproofing membrane. This type of roof is effective at absorbing rainwater, creating habitat, insulating the home and cleaning the air by filtering pollutants.

Of course, we’ve all seen trees and plants on urban rooftops. But in residential areas? Not so common.

Here are some more pictures of living roofs. They are quite stunning! I wonder how the lawn is mowed…


Photo source: Light Bulbs; OSU; treehugger; Kerr’s Green Debate Team; Sustainable Cities Collective

Eight Signs You Need New Windows

Your home’s window frames look OK. When it rains, you don’t get wet. The temperature in your home seems all right throughout the year. Yet, still, your window panes could be problematic for your household. Perhaps it is time to have those looked at.

There could be one or many reasons why your house windows should be replaced. Here are eight signs to lookout for, and solutions:

1.) You have single-paned windows, which increase your energy bill. Installing double-paned, triple-paned or gas-filled windows can maximize resistance to thermal conductivity and decrease your utility bill.

2.) The panes are chipped, cracked or etched. Heat loss can occur even with the tiniest infractions. Replace the biggest windows first, if on a budget.

3.) There is visible corrosion of the caulking. This must be redone– otherwise mold, rot and condensation will settle in.

4.) You desire more privacy. Consider window panes with a reflective coating to keep out watchful eyes.

5.) Flying debris is a concern because you live in a high-wind area. In case of collision, windows with interior membranes or exterior coatings keep shattered glass in place.

6.) Leakage is occurring in multi-paned windows. Climate and window direction affect the life of a seal, so replace windows with leaks.

7.) Energy Star rebates on replacement windows are advantageous to you. Bordner can help you select Energy Star-rated windows.

8.) You wish to have blinds in between panes for controlling light. Windows with remote-operated panels provide privacy and thermal protection.

Call Bordner to have your window panes replaced professionally. It’s an investment that will save you money in the long run!

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