The Unexpected Benefits of Composite Countertops

In the market for some new countertops? Before you go out and purchase panel after panel of natural stone under the impression that you’re choosing the most environmentally friendly of options, read this tidbit of info we found–you might be surprised to find out how sustainable composite products are compared to their natural counterparts. Border Installation Group encourages you to always do your research to find the most eco-friendly option when remodeling any area of your home.


Recycled surfaces are made from post-consumer and post-industrial content, thus they have a lower embodied energy than natural stone. They can be made from recycled glass, mirrors, ceramics, porcelain quarry waste, ash and natural pigments and bound with vegetable based resins. The manufacturing process for recycled countertops is very precise and produces a homogeneous, consistent and stable material. The material content is mixed together in a way to produce a nearly identical product, making replacement and matching much easier than with natural stone.

Click here to learn more from ReNest about composite materials.

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7 Types of Roof Damage to Be Aware Of

While roof damage can happen to anyone and always varies by type of roof, the leading reason roof damage occurs results from a lack of regular maintenance. has put together a helpful list of types of roof damage to watch out for  as well as ways that you can prevent them from happening. ContactBordner today for more detailed roofing information.

In the meantime, take a look some highlights below from Ehow:

Cracking occurs with tiling, wood or asphalt shingles for different reasons. Wood shingles naturally crack with age. When shingle splitting allows prolonged exposure to the protective underlying layer of felt material it also dries and cracks, creating a potential leak in the attic or crawl space.

Heat Damage
Aging and prolonged exposure causes shingle cracking. These two factors also create a breakdown of the protective roofing water sealant. Severe shingle cracking indicates the end of the shingle’s usefulness and requires replacement. Routinely replacing your roof’s water sealant keeps the roof watertight.

Gross Granule Loss
Granules add weight and fire resistance, protect the felt matting and add color to asphalt shingles. With time, gradual granule loss occurs but excessive loss of granules exposes the felt matting to the elements, shortening the life of the shingle.

Click here to read there full article on roof damage.

Saving Simply

It’s no surprise that we at Bordner are committed to providing you with energy saving tips year-round to both help keep your expenses down and our environment healthy. Over the past few months, we’ve discussed things like the countless benefits of home insulation and weatherization, how to seal costly air leaks and how to maximize your savings by utilizing the Homebuyer Tax Credit. We recently found a helpful video from MoneyTalksNews that highlights a few more useful tips for our readers including how to find energy saving appliances and the gains that can come from purchasing a kilowatt meter to monitor exactly how much energy those appliances are using.

What are some ways that you save money in and around your home?

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Fighting the Summer Heat: Insulate Your Attic and Keep Cool!

The sweltering summer heat of Kansas City has  prompted  us to revisit our popular attic insulation post. After all, attic insulation is the #1 way to save money on your energy bills and keep your home cool, according to the U.S. Department of

Installing a new roof on your home is the perfect opportunity to insulate your attic, as work on both can happen concurrently. Besides being more convenient, installing attic insulation and a new roof at the same time can also save you time and money.

Blown-In Fiberglass: The Perfect Material For Your Attic

While there are many types of attic insulation, one of the most cost-effective and adaptable is blown-in fiberglass insulation. One of the reasons homeowners love blown-in fiberglass attic insulation is its unique ability to match the unique contours of your attic, ensuring better coverage and savings.

Blown-in fiberglass insulation also:

• Does not settle, maintaining its energy-saving R-value
• Is non-combustible and meets all building codes
• Will not absorb moisture, which can reduce insulation effectiveness
• Is highly mold resistant
• Will not rot or decay

Bordner: The Perfect Team For Your Project

Lowering your utility bills and raising the comfort level of your home or building is easy with Bordner’s innovative attic insulation system. That’s because Bordner uses high-quality blown-in fiberglass insulation that shields your home from the Kansas City area’s extreme temperature variations.
By working in conjunction with the replacement of your new roof, Bordner’s professionals can quickly install your attic insulation, at no discomfort or inconvenience to you. Unlike other products and systems, Bordner can complete your attic insulation job within just a few hours, with minimal to no dust. In fact, you may never realize that your attic insulation has been installed…until your next utility bill!
Contact Bordner for more information or a no-obligation roofing and attic insulation consultation.

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The Benefits of Home Weatherization

Years ago, most homes — especially those up North — were built with little or no fortification against heat loss and, because the task of weatherization wasn’t cheap, home insulation wasn’t something that was a top priority. Today, though, most new home construction must meet certain insulation standards, according to the Bonneville Power Administration. There are also still a few additional things you can do to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. After all, saving energy means saving money! BPA suggests first consulting with your utility representative to find out what measures you should take at the time of your home energy analysis.

You may then select a contractor to complete the necessary work-or you can do the job yourself. Many weatherization tasks are simple and take only a few hours to complete, though some may require the expertise of an insulation contractor. Your electric utility can provide any additional information you need to complete the job and answer questions about programs offered for home weatherization.

Visit the Bonneville Power Authority to view a complete do-it-yourself home weatherization guide.

How to save for Greener Purchases Every Day

Living on a budget can be difficult. While making greener purchases is ideal, it can become expensive. Everything costs money and eco-friendly purchases come at premium pricing. Fortunately, the Green Guide site has some helpful tips for saving for greener purchases in theses hard economic times. Here they are:

  • Food: Buy cereal in bulk and only buy seasonal fruits if you prefer fruit with your cereal. For peanut butter, use a grinder at the store and you’ll save about $39 a year.>
  • Paper products: Switch from major brands like Charmin toilet paper and Scott paper towels to a product like Seventh Generation. This brand contains no chlorine bleach and is made with about 80 percent post-consumer waste. For office paper, try Domtar EarthChoice Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper. Print on both sides and you can cut your consumption in half!
  • Cleaning: Windex Vinegar Multisurface liquid costs around $3.99 a bottle. For annual savings of about $36, mix water and real white vinegar at $.99 a pint. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can replace a lot of household cleaners.
  • Transportation: Let’s say your car averages 20 miles per gallon. If fuel were about $2.88 per gallon, your fuel expenses in a year would be about $860. Try public transportation, car pooling, walking or biking to work. Riding your bike once a week could save you about $185 annually.
  • Energy: Three simple things- line dry your clothes, turn your thermostat down and cut some time off your shower.

In total, you could save about $1200 annually if you follow the advice from the Green Guide. Check out the Green Guide to see more tips on green living savings.

10 Simple Ways to Shrink Your Energy Bill

These days it seems as if everyone is looking for new ways to save money, especially around the house. Making your house energy efficient is a great way to save now, plus a great investment for your home and the environment.

This Old House magazine has a list of 10 tips to help you save on your energy bill. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Choke your chimney: There is no cost involved and you will reap the benefits immediately. By installing a damper, you can save about 8 percent of furnace-heated air.
  • Seal those air leaks: This is a relatively cheap fix, with the cost of supplies running around $30 to $50. In the long run, you’ll save 10 percent or more—that’s between $50 and $170 a year—on your heating bills.
  • Tune-up your heating system: Save at least 10 percent on heating bills with a regular tune-up. The cost is usually around $100.
  • Buy Energy Star appliances: Energy Star products can be pricey, dishwashers start around $230, but when you consider that about 20 percent of our electricity bill is spent on running such appliances, it will be worth the extra money.

For more tips on how to shrink your energy bill, click here.

Freshen up Your Kitchen Windows This Summer

Simplify your kitchen this summer with 6 great tips for window treatments from HGTV. HGTV suggests utilizing natural light, current colors, and different textures among other ideas to spruce up the kitchen.

  1. Minimal is In: Try simple shades or an upholstered cornice to get rid of excess fabric. Flap valances are another option.
  2. Lighten Up: Natural light is a great way to brighten up your kitchen. Sue Pelley, national spokeswoman for Interiors by Decorating Den, suggests pleated shades. Use subtle designs to complete the look.
  3. Pick Current Colors: Contemporary tones are a must if you choose to use fabric. Pelley recommends a mix of cotton fabric prints in treatments or coordinating a print in the in the window treatment with another print on cushions or placemats.
  4. It’s All About the Texture: Try adding texture for visual interest. Roman style shades made of natural fibers are a popular trend.
  5. Soften Direct Light: Sunlight is great, but too much of it can be a problem because of the added heat to the kitchen area. Blinds or shades made of wood are a good option because they filter out light without creating a heavy look.
  6. Consider Some Curves: Curves add shape to kitchens. Try adding an arched valance over the sink or curved cornice.

Did You Know?

Certifications and Memberships

Bordner is Committed to Service. In order to better serve our clients and further the home improvement industry, Bordner maintains memberships and certifications in numerous home renovation industryassociations and Kansas City community organizations including:


  • Master Elite certification, GAF-ELK
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  • Certified Expert, Vinyl Siding Institute
  • Infinity Authorized Dealer


  • Better Business Bureau
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  • National Roofing Contractors Association
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  • Missouri Chamber of Commerce
  • Kansas Chamber of Commerce
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  • Lee’s Summit Chamber of Commerce

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