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If you’re a member of a company or other type of organization that strives towards our country’s collective goal of achieving more sustainable design in buildings throughout the nation, then you might want to consider becoming a member of the U.S. Green Build Council.

For more information about becoming a member, visit USGBC.

Your Own Private Diy Instructor in a Pinch: Videojug

They say that that best way to learn how to do something is to see it done properly by someone else first. That’s why VideoJug has created a Web site  full of 1000s of demonstrative videos, articles, answers and people all providing answers to some some of the most frequently asked questions on the web — especially ones in the arena of home improvement. Video Jug also has separate channels for Food & Drink and Beauty & Style.

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Lead Paint Rule Update: Epa Has Delayed Lead Paint Certification Enforcement

On June 21, the the Environmental Protection Agency ruled to delay Lead Paint Certification Enforcement in order to provide builders and contractors with more time to undergo training on lead-safe work practices. Individual contractors must apply to enroll in a training class by Sept. 30 and complete the training by Dec. 31, 2010.

Homeowners can find a certified firm here. Remodelers can search for an EPA-approved training provider at this link or contact their local home builders association here to find Certified Renovator training sessions.

Common Ventilation and Roofing Problems

All major shingle manufacturers VOID their warranties if their shingles are installed over improperly ventilated attics. To avoid this, talk to your sales representative at Bordner about the proper amount of roof ventilation. Attics that are vented improperly allow heat and moisture to remain trapped in the attic and create potential problems like wood rot, mildew and deterioration to the home’s structure. A proper roof ventilation system consists of both intake and exhaust.

Attic/Rafter Ventilation

  1. The purpose of attic/rafter ventilation is to reduce or eliminate heat build-up, and reduce or eliminate water vapor that can condense in the ventilation spaces.
  2. “Net free” ventilation space, measured in square inches, are open to unrestricted airflow.
  3. Achieving rafter ventilation can be difficult or impossible for existing buildings; however, every attempt should be made to design and install an adequate ventilation system.
  4. Attic/rafter ventilation costs can be significant for some existing buildings.


  • Definitions:
    • Condensation: when water vapor cools and becomes a liquid.
    • Dew Point Temperature: the temperature at which water vapor cools and becomes a liquid.
  • Water vapor condensation inside buildings often leads to damage and deterioration.
  • Condensation can occur when there is high interior humidity and the temperature of interior building components is at or below the dew point temperature.
  • Sources of high humidity include humidifiers, hot tubs, swimming pools, and crawl spaces.
  • Condensation can be eliminated by one, or a combination, of the following:
    • Reduce or eliminate the source of moisture.
    • Raise the temperature of interior building surfaces above the dew point temperature.
    • Proper ventilation.

General Recommendations

  • Provide ventilation wherever needed and feasible.
  • Calculate the required “net free” ventilation space to determine the additional ventilation space needed.

Get Ready for the Kansas City Riverfest!

If you haven’t already made plans for the July Fourth weekend and you’re in the Kansas City area, Bordner encourages you to check out the Kansas City Riverfest! Located at Richard L. Berkley Park, KCRiverFest has become “Kansas City’s Riverfront Tradition,” known as the only place in downtown Kansas City to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend with fireworks and family entertainment, according to the event’s web site.

It’s also a great place for your company picnic! The weekend-long event features live music and activities on the Kansas City riverfront along with daredevils on water skis, and kite-flying demonstrations on land. There’s also plenty to keep the little ones busy like rides, moon bounces, and a rock-climbing wall. Last but not least will by an amazing fireworks spectacular on July 4 evening.

Click here for complete details including ticket pricing, event schedule and items that are prohibited from Berkley Park.

How to Choose the Best Type of Stucco for Your Home

So you’ve decided to use stucco instead of vinyl as the siding for your latest home renovation project.  Its durable and long-lasting properties make it the perfect siding option for this particular home since you’ve already got a color in mind that you’d like for the home to be and stucco can be easily tinted. But what’s the best type of stucco to use? There are two types to choose from: cement mix stucco and exterior insulation and finish systems. Here’s a bit about each from

Cement Mix Stucco
When stucco was originally introduced, it was in a cement-based form. It is mixed much like cement with Portland Cement, sand and water. This type of stucco is very durable and can hold up to pretty harsh environments. While it is porous, this type of stucco dries quickly without any water damage.

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems
EIFS wasn’t introduced until the 1950s and is a synthetic type of stucco. While it is often confused with the original cement based stucco, EIFS is not cement-based at all. This consists mainly of a foam insulated board covered with a special finish that resembles stucco.

Depending on your location, either one of these types of stucco finished could be the perfect exterior siding for your home. Contact Bordner today to find out more about what type of siding is best for your home.

Photo Credit: Sider-Oxydro

Homebuyer Tax Credit Extended to Sept. 30

Homebuyers now have an extra three months to finish qualifying for federal tax incentives after the Senate on Wednesday approved the proposed homebuyer tax credit extension, according to the Associated Press. The move by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would give buyers until Sept. 30 to complete their purchases and qualify for tax credits of up to $8,000 for first-time buyers; current owners who bought and moved into another home could qualify for a credit of up to $6,500. Under the current terms, buyers had until April 30 to get a signed sales contract and until June 30 to complete the sale.

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12 Questions You Should Ask Potential Roofing Contractors

Having served more than 40,000 homeowners in the Kansas City area, Bordner is often called upon to repair or re-install roofing projects previously completed by sub-par contractors. At Bordner, our roofing installation processes thoroughly address all of the issues listed below, protecting you and your home and providing you a high-quality installation. However, we know you may also request bids from other companies. The questions here will help you evaluate potential roofing contractors and make sure your home project is done right the first time.

Looking for a company to work on your siding, windows or other part of your home as well? Check out our guide on “How to Hire a Reputable Home Improvement Contractor” first.