What to Know When Choosing Stucco Colors

Stucco ColorsIf you are looking for a Kansas City stucco company, you’ve come to the right place. Bordner has years of experience in stucco installation, and we offer high-quality brands and an enormous selection of color choices- over 1,000,000, in fact. With all those options, choosing the color for your home’s stucco siding can be a little intimidating.

Don’t worry, though; this list of ten steps for choosing stucco colors will help you understand the do’s and don’ts of choosing exterior colors for your home. Below are a couple of our favorite tips from the article, but be sure to go read the whole thing.

  • Choose colors outside. Indoor light is much different than natural light, so take those samples outdoors to see how they’ll really look on your home.
  • Look at other homes to help you discover the style you like best. Are you a fan of bold, dramatic contrast, or do you prefer an earthier, more mellow look?
  • Remember to be subtle. A color sample that looks like slightly greenish gray will look extra green when you see it covering your entire house.

Of course, if you’re having trouble choosing the right type of stucco for your Kansas City home, your stucco expert will be glad to help. Contact Bordner today to set up a free consultation.

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How to Avoid Home Improvement Contractor Scams

At our Kansas City home improvement company, we place a high priority on providing the utmost quality and customer service to our clients, ensuring that you trust your home maintenance and repair projects to us for years to come. If you are on Angie’s List, be sure to check out our profile- we’ve even won an Angie’s List Super Service Award!

Unfortunately, not all home improvement contractors are as focused on making customers happy as we are here at Bordner. Many an unlucky homeowner has had a bad experience with contractors, and scams are common. Whether or not you choose us, it’s important that you know how to avoid bad-news contractors. Take a look at some tips below to help you spot the warning signs that your contractor might be trouble.

  • If a contractor offers a discount for paying up-front and in cash, go elsewhere. This is often a sign that the contractor is working outside the law, without the necessary permits and licenses. It also means the contractor can leave town with your money at any point.
  • Allowing an unlicensed contractor to work on your home could result in liability for injury to a third party.
  • Some contractors will offer great deals on “leftover” materials from a previous project. An experienced, professional home contractor like Bordner carefully calculates how much material to buy, and subsequently has nothing more than scraps left over in most cases. The contractor offering you a great deal on leftovers may be selling stolen materials, or they could be ungraded and result in your home not meeting local building code requirements.

If you would like more information, check out our page about avoiding home improvement scams. You’ll also find a helpful checklist of questions to ask a contractor before you hire them.

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Why Choose Fiber Cement Siding?

Fiber Cement SidingIf your Kansas City area home is in need of exterior repairs, it’s time to consider fiber cement siding. This fantastic material is the future of exterior home care, providing both style and durability. Take a look at some of the many benefits of choosing fiber cement siding.

  • Highly durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in wide range of styles to match wood siding, masonry, and more
  • Stands up to the extreme temperature changes of cold climates
  • Can be installed to withstand hurricane-force winds
  • Perfect for damp climates- won’t crack or rot
  • Impervious to termites
  • Resists UV aging
  • Flame resistant

At Bordner, we are certified as a Master Craftsman business by CertainTeed, the leading manufacturer of fiber cement siding. Our skilled team will install your siding properly, ensuring that your siding will perform well for years to come. In fact, we even provide a Limited Product Warranty good for up to 50 years. Call us today to set up an appointment and get an estimate for your home!

by Jeff Wedgewood


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3 Things Every Homeowner Should Know about Air Leakage

When considering which home improvement projects to undertake at your Kansas City home, energy efficiency should be foremost in  your mind. Creating an energy efficient house isn’t just environmentally friendly; it can also save you a lot of money in the long run!

While you’re more likely to notice a water leak in your home due to the immediate effects, it’s still important to update your doors, windows, garage doors, roof, and siding to ensure that your home is not leaking energy. Check out these 3 things every homeowner should know about air leakage, and don’t hesitate to call us at Bordner for help making your home as energy efficient as possible!

  • One in, one out– For every cubic foot of air that leaks out of  your home, one cubic foot of air is leaking in. That means that you are not only losing cooled or heated air; you’re also pulling in unconditioned air from outside.
  • Air pressure– Air flows from high pressure to low pressure.
  • No way out– Air will move to a low pressure area from a high pressure area, but only if it has a pathway- which means it’s imperative that there are no pathways available.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can go green and save money by adding energy efficient new windows, doors, roofing, insulation, or siding to your home, give us a call today.

Source: Energy Vanguard

Home Improvement Trends: Focus on Exterior Projects

Exterior ProjectsAre you considering which home improvement projects to embark on this year? According to the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, homeowners should focus on exterior projects for their homes due to the greater ROI, or Return on Investment. The article states that “Seven of the top 10 home improvement projects for 2012 are exterior projects garnering anywhere from 69 to 78 percent return on investment — the highest of any other projects this year.”

If you are considering putting your home on the market any time soon, exterior upgrades and maintenance are crucial to making a good first impression on potential buyers. The roof, siding, front entrance, landscaping, garage door, and other elements all combine to form a split second impression in the mind of a buyer, so it’s important to make sure everything is in top condition. But even those who are not planning to sell any time soon will benefit from exterior repairs. An attractive, attention grabbing exterior will also increase the value of your home and may even improve the value of neighboring homes- a win-win!

If you are looking for a Kansas City home improvement company, contact Bordner today! We’d love to help you improve your home with new doors, windows, roofing, siding, stucco, stone veneer, and more!

Home Remodeling Continues to Beat out New Homes

According to MSN Real Estate, more homeowners are remodeling and renovation their homes rather than moving to new ones. The recent survey from the National Association of Home Builders shows that remodeling projects have increased since 2010, with almost half of the home improvement professionals questioned stating that homeowners are planning renovations to avoid moving.

At Bordner, we offer a wide variety of home improvement services that can help you make your existing Kansas City house into your dream  home. New windows, doors, and garage doors can make your home more green and energy efficient, or you can change the look and add curb appeal with a new roof or stone veneer. Even just replacing or repairing the siding or stucco will give your home a refreshed look. These improvements are dually valuable, because they will not only make your home more attractive and enjoyable, but will also increase the value and attract buyers if you do choose to sell in the future.

What home improvements have you considered for your Kansas City home this year?

More Americans Plan to Improve Their Homes This Year

HomesAccording to a recent survey, 70% of homeowners plan to embark on a home improvement project this year. This marks an increase from 2011, a year in which only 64% of homeowners planned remodeling or repair projects. While real estate markets remain slow, homeowners are realizing that repairs and renovations are a win-win. If you decide to sell your home, improvements to both the interior and exterior of the home will help it sell more quickly. And for the many families who are deciding to stay put, home renovations ensure that they will enjoy their space for years to come.

The American Express Spending & Saving Tracker report states that 35% of homeowners plan to remodel outdoors, up from 29% the previous year. Exterior renovations like new roofing, siding, windows, doors, stucco, or cultured stone will make your home look neat, new, and desirable, whether you plan to stay or go.

These exterior home repair projects also have a huge potential to add personality to your home, so you can stand out from the rest with elegance and style. If you’re interested in undertaking any exterior renovations on your Kansas City home, contact Bordner today.

Save Energy With a New Garage Door

Garage DoorMany homeowners are starting to think about ways to save energy in their homes, replacing windows, adding insulation, and even upgrading to energy efficient appliances. But did you know that your garage door can be a source of energy loss?

At Bordner, we carry high-quality replacement garage doors by Delden, which can seal out the elements and reduce your energy costs! These efficient, insulated steel doors will last for years and come in a variety of maintenance-free finishes.

The replacement garage doors we install feature durable steel in both 24- and 25-gauge, heavy-duty hinges, 1/8″ thick double-strength glass, tamper-resistant garage door locking system, and much more. They even come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you can feel secure with your purchase.

In addition to the practical concerns, our garage doors come in a multitude of design options. Choose from a variety of maintenance-free paint coating colors, panel designs, textures, window shapes, and other options that allow you to match your new garage door to the style of your Kansas City home.

See the garage door in action here:

To set up a free garage door consultation with Bordner, call us at 816.303.0510.

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Provia Storm Doors

Storm doors by ProVia are the perfect way to protect your home’s entry while adding style and value. Each door is completely customized to fit the home along with the owners’ needs. ProVia’s durable storm doors are made with aluminum that is 20 percent thicker than traditional consumer-grade storm doors;  just one of the reasons it’s an excellent choice for energy efficient doors.

Here we review the top rated Spectrum series      

ProVia offers five collections of storm doors in a variety of styles, paint finishes, decorative hardware, glass and accessories. Which one will you choose?

Spectrum Series

Storm Doors

Decorator Series

Storm Doors

Deluxe Series

Storm Doors

DuraGuard Series

Storm Doors

Superview Series

Storm Doors

Call Bordner in Kansas City at 816-303-0510 to discuss ProVia storm doors and how they can add to the safety and beauty of your home today!

What Is Low-e Glass?

When choosing windows for your Kansas City home, it’s important to consider not only the cost and materials, but also the energy efficiency they can provide. Low-E glass is becoming a popular choice for homeowners who want to go green and save money, but what does “Low-E” really mean?

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Savers page is a great resource for those wanting to learn more about this type of windows. Low-E, or Low-emissivity coatings on glass control heat transfer, reducing energy loss in your home by anywhere from 30% to 50%. That’s quite a difference! While the cost may be around 10-15% higher than regular windows, the impressive energy savings can drastically cut down on your power bills, saving you a good deal of money over the life of the window.

Low-E windows are made by coating a pane of glass with a microscopically thin, almost invisible layer of metal or metallic oxide. There are different varieties designed for different levels of solar gain, depending on the climate of the area and the home’s orientation in relation to the sun.

At Bordner, we don’t just install Low-E windows, we also take the time to educate our customers and provide all of the pertinent information for your home repair needs. With the knowledge and guidance of a Bordner associate, you will be able to choose the windows that are right for your Kansas City home with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about all of our Kansas City home improvement and repair services.