Eliminating Frosty Roof Nails

Have you ever climbed up into your attic in the wintertime and looked up at the ceiling only to notice tiny icicles hanging off nail tips that are poking through the roof sheathing? Chances are that if you live in a cold enough climate, the answer is probably yes. While they seem harmless enough, the truth is that they can actually cause more problems than you think.

This initially happens when the heat inside your home is turned on and the warm, moist air produced makes its way into your attic. When it hits the cold ceiling and condenses, it eventually freezes on the icy tips if roof nails. If this goes ignored for several months, the seepage can eventually reduce the effectiveness of your insulation and boost the growth of mold.

Bordner encourages you to treat this as soon as you can using the tips below, courtesy of This Old House.

– First, seal off any openings for air to leak into the attic. Maybe a bathroom fan isn’t venting outside or the pull-down attic stairway needs weatherstripping or the light-fixture boxes aren’t sealed. A home-energy specialist with a thermographic imaging device can pinpoint many small leaks you can’t see.

– Second, try reducing moisture levels in the house by turning on exhaust fans when bathing and vent fans when cooking.

– Third, make sure the attic is well ventilated so that any moist air that gets past your defenses has a way to escape. Soffit and ridge vents are more effective ventilators than fans, and they don’t use any energy. If you already have these vents, make sure they aren’t being blocked by insulation.

For more information on keeping your roof in the best shape possible this winter, contact Bordner today.

Photo Credit: Atlas Roofing

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts Now Open!

Here at Bordner, we try to stay as active and abreast of happenings in the Kansas City as we are in our work. We believe that giving back to the community when possible is essential to remaining connected with the base of people that we strive to satisfy with our work year after year. We recently learned that the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts opened up a few weeks ago and we’re very excited that Kansas City now has another vessel to enjoy performance art including music, opera, theater and dance.

From the Kauffman Center:

The Kauffman Center’s overriding vision is to enrich the lives of everyone in the community through extraordinary and diverse performing arts experiences. The Kauffman Center will be home to resident organizations, the Kansas City BalletLyric OperaKansas City Symphony, and other innovative programming embraces a variety of audiences with different tastes, interest and passions. At the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, everyone can have an opportunity to experience excellence.

4 Simple Prep Tips for a Cozy Fall Home

After the blistering heat of summer, fall’s cool temperatures can be a welcomed refreshment. But these invigorating chills in the air mean that the icy season of winter isn’t too far away. So, this is the perfect time of year to brush up on some home maintenance that can really help you stay comfortable in the cold while saving you some cash at the same time. Take a look at a few of the ideas below that you can get started on right away.

Freeze-Proof Exterior Faucets: A burst water pipe can be a big nightmare as well as costly and messy to clean up. Do yourself a huge favor and replace an existing hose faucet with a freeze-proof faucet.

Service Your Heating System: When was the last time you serviced your furnace? By skipping this important yearly inspection, you run the risk of not only having a chilly home and wasted dollars but also becoming exposed to dangerous fumes. Service it ASAP if you haven’t done so for the year already.

Add Carpet or Cork Flooring for Added Comfort: Nothing feels worse than getting out of a cozy warm bed only to step on a frigid, cold floor. By adding cork flooring or carpeting to bedrooms, you can insulate the room and keep warm air in better and also make floors more comfortable to walk on.

For more long-term upgrades to areas of your home—including eco-friendly windows, reflective roofs and insulating siding—contact Bordner today!

The 411 on Infinity by Marvin

Infinity by Marvin
So you’ve been told that your home needs replacement window. But do you know what this really means and what “replacement” windows are, exactly? Do they come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors? Are they easy to clean? Are they just as strong and secure as traditional glass windows? We’ve learned that many people aren’t very clear on what the definition is and what installing them may require. Luckily, Bordner carries Infinity window replacements by Marvin — one of the premiere window manufacturers in the industry — and can help you answer all the questions you may have.

Call Bordner today at 816-303-0510 if you’re in the market for replacement windows but just don’t know where to begin. Bordner’s team of experts will be more than happy to walk you through the process and guide you every step of the way.

Take Advantage of Our 11-step Customer Service Pledge!

Are you in search of a reputable and reliable home contractor in the Kansas City area? Then look no further than Bordner. Whether you need help with roofing, window or siding replacement, we’re the one-stop service provider that folks in the Missouri area have grown to trust over the years. This is thanks, in part, to something known as our 11-step customer service pledge. It’s a comprehensive commitment to our clients that ensure that every step of the way— from our initial meeting with them through the entire construction/installation and post-installation—that our service will be impeccable.


Every phase of the pledge is essential in providing our clients with unsurpassed service in the realm of home remodeling and construction in the state.

1. Trained Associates
2. Listen to the Customer
3. Analysis of Existing Conditions
4. Customer Education
5. Job-Site Supervision
6. Quality Control System
7. Insurance Protection
8. Written Contract and Warranty
9. Stability
10. Relationships
11. Satisfaction Guarantee

Contact Bordner today and experience our 11-Step Customer Service Pledge for yourself this fall. You’ll be happy that you did!

Getting Your Home’s Exterior Ready for Autumn

Fall seasons is finally getting started, and the change of seasons means you need to change your game plan in terms of caring for your home. A new season means a new set of challenges to take on, and if you’re not prepared and knowledgeable about what to do, you can run into serious problems.

Getting your home’s exterior areas prepared for colder seasons especially carries certain difficulties that you have to be prepared for right from the start. To make sure your home is ready for the Fall, here’s a few pointers that will help you out:

  • Cleaning gutters & drains: Making sure your gutters are completely free of debris will assure that water flows correctly and doesn’t collect, which will end up freezing into ice and causing possible damage if left untreated
  • Check on your roof: Look for trouble spots and see if anything needs to be patched or replaced, and check on nearby trees for limbs that could fall on your roof if they break off in the cold
  • Find unsealed cracks: Air leaks can make a bigger difference in preserving heating energy in your home than you might think, so repair and seal cracks around window sills or in brick & mortar areas
  • Burrows: Colder seasons mean wild animals will be looking to find warmth in underground burrows, which can be unsightly and even lead to serious accidents if gone unnoticed

If you follow these tips, you’ll be making the outside of your home a lot safer and more efficient for the coming colder months. There’s not too much to all these activities, and they can easily be taken care of on a weekend, so get out there soon and make sure your home is ready for the Fall and Winter seasons!

Source: http://www.ehow.com/how_4488814_prepare-exterior-house-fall.html

Photo Courtesy: stock.xchng

10 Types of Roofs You Should Know About

The roof of a home is one of the most important parts of its structure for many reasons: it protects the home from the strong elements of Mother Nature, It helps stabilize the home’s foundation and, let’s face it, a house just isn’t a house without one! Since Bordner has been serving the Kansas City area’s roofing needs for decades, we’ve come across our fare share of interesting roof shapes and sizes. So we’ve decided to have a little bit of fun and give our readers a closer look at the many different types of roofs that are out there. Yes, you heard correctly, there are a number of different types of roofs available to choose from and we are experienced with practically every one of them!

  1. False Gable
  2. Gambrel
  3. Hip
  4. Octagon
  5. Curved Gable
  6. Shed
  7. L-Shape
  8. Mansard
  9. Gable
  10. Curved

For help with roof repairs for your home — no matter the type of roof you have! — contact Bordner today!

High Performance Windows for Your Home

There are numerous options out there for homeowners who want to replace their windows. There are so many, perhaps, that the variety is overwhelming. Check out these common terms to get a better understanding of your options.

Find the ideal energy efficient windows for your home.

Low-e Coating Low-e (low-emittance) coatings minimize heat flow into and out of your home through layers of metallic oxide put directly onto the glass.  Low-e coatings are most effective in windows with multiple panes. The coated side of the glass faces the interior chamber between the panels. Heat is hindered from passing through either direction.

For more effective protection, the chamber between the panels can be filled with gas. Argon gas is the most common, though Kypton gasis used as well. No,  the gases won’t protect you with Superman-caliber fortitude but they are  pretty impressive. The gases help to reduce heat gain/loss while regulating solar gain.

Tempering Tempering techniques vary (heating, cooling, and chemical processes) but the results are generally the same. Tempered glass is 4-6 times stronger than untreated glass. This means higher resilience, fewer replacements, and protection from the kids next door who like to play baseball in the cul-de-sac.

Replacing your windows? Learn more about your options. Contact Bordner at 816.303.0510.

Source: EfficientWindows.com

Travel Safe This Labor Day!

Happy Labor DayBordner will be closed on Sept. 5, 2011 in observance of Labor Day. But don’t worry, you can still fill out a contact form with us or request a free no-obligation in-home estimate over the weekend and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as we are back. As you know, our star-rated services includes everything from window and door repairs to stone and stucco siding installation.

If you’ll be traveling out of the Kansas City-area this holiday weekend, we wish you safe and happy travels! And don’t forget, by contacting us sometime throughout the month of September, you can get a head start on all your siding, roofing and installation needs before the weather cools down!

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We Install Garage Doors, Too!

Did you know that in addition to the roofing and siding service that we provide, Bordner also installs garage doors? That’s right, the same company that Kansas City-area homeowners have come to rely on for years for their remodeling projects also installs high-quality garage doors! We have a full staff of highly trained experts that will complete the installation job using Bordner’s renowned “phased approach.” The main manufacturer that we use is Delden since their high-quality steel garage doors are built locally and meet our durability standards.

Here are some other specs about the doors:

  • Durable 24- or 25-gauge steel
  • Insulation configurations that reach an R-value of up to 15.67
  • Heavy-duty hinges made of galvanized steel
  • Limited Lifetime Warranties
  • 1/8” thick double-strength glass
  • Tight-sealing joints and weatherstrips that increase weather protection
  • Tamper-resistant garage door locking system

To learn more about our garage door installation services, contact us online or at (816) 358-2102 for a free in-home consultation and estimate.