Ask the Experts

I Am Looking to Have My Windows Replaced. What Brand of Windows Do You Recommend I Use?

We recommend the Infinity fiberglass window from Marvin.  The reason is, it is made from fiberglass and it out performs all other window materials that are used for making windows.  It cost a little more than vinyl and a little less that wood/aluminum clad, but will cost less money over time due to performance. – Jerry Fleenor, Window & Door Expert at Bordner

I Have Wood Rot on the Outside of My Windows. Do I Have to Replace Them, or Can They Be Repaired?

It depends on where the wood rot is.  If it is just the brick mold, then it can be repaired for not a lot of money and will last for years to come.  If it is a part of the frame or the sash, then I would recommend replacing the entire window.  The reason is any repair work you do would be temporary and you would end up spending more money in the long run. Contact us today and we… Continue reading

I Have Fogging Between the Glass on My Windows. Should I Be Concerned? Is There Anything I Should Do?

The fogging means that the seal between the two panes of glass has broken and moisture has gotten in between them.  The only real concern at this point other than the look is that the window has lost its energy efficiency.  Depending on the window, you may be able to replace just the glass, but more than likely you should replace the entire window itself.  By replacing the entire window, you will have a product with a warranty and won’t… Continue reading

I Need to Replace My Old Casement Style Windows Due to Rot. Can I Switch to the Double Hung Style, and Are There Any Benefits/ Advantages in Doing So?

In most cases we can change the existing window style to a different style. The biggest issue will be the height and width of the window, because each window style has a limitation on the size that it can be. There are pros and cons to each window style and the decision generally comes down to personal preference of looks and how you would like to ventilate.  One nice feature of Double Hung windows is that it is easier to… Continue reading

Is My Stucco Exterior Completely Maintenance Free or Are There Things I Should Do or Look For? If so What and How Often?

Stucco is not maintenance free.  If the stucco was done correctly you should have sealant joints around all terminations. I recommend checking them every spring when your outside preparing the house and yard for summer.  If the proper sealant was used you shouldn’t have to do anything with them for 3 to 5 years depending on your climate conditions.  I would also check your flashing around windows and doors to make sure you not seeing any visible staining, cracking or… Continue reading