The importance of a home’s doors are often overlooked, even though they play a big role in determining the look and the style of the home or an individual room. Residential doors have all kinds of different functions and purposes and picking the right ones is one of the keys to creating every homeowner’s ideal space.

Whether you are looking for that sophisticated look, keeping your house warm or cool, protecting your home from the elements, added security, a better view to the outside world from within your house, lower heating and cooling bills or even looking to create a more functional space, Bordner has the door selection to cover all your needs.

Over the past 25 years. we have helped thousands of homeowners Since the late eighties, Bordner has helped more than 60,000 homeowners in the Kansas City area improve the look, comfort, efficiency and  value of their homes. We specialize in pairing the highest-quality windows and doors with our trademark installation process and guarantee.

Our Wide Selection of Residential Doors

Add Beauty and Security with a New Entry Door

High quality entry doors add a finishing touch to your remodeling job. With steel and fiberglass entry door systems and matching storm doors, you’ll increase the beauty and security of your home. Bordner offers many styles, finishes and hardware to complement any home with quality decorative doors, glass doorlites, sidelites and transoms. All of our storm doors are constructed with tempered safety glass and are available in colors that match our entry door systems.

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The Benefits of Patio Doors

Functionily and easy access, added security features, durability, great looks, expanded views, loads of natural light and energy efficiency are some of the advantages that patio doors present over standard entry doors and make them a no-brainer for any homeowner. Whether you are looking for French (hinged) of sliding patio doors, ourdurable vinyl or fiberglass door options provide plenty of variety to fit all tastes.

The Right Products and the Right Installation

Each of our door installation jobs is performed by one of our highly trained residential door installers. In combination with our time-tested systems we can ensure that your new doors will be installed properly and work as they should for as long as you have them.

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