Will putting siding on my house help with the utility bills?

Yes it will. Bordner offers vinyl siding that has an R-value of up to 5.0, which is the highest R-factor of all siding options available.

What is the Energy Star program?

The Energy Star Program was started by the EPA and the US Department of Energy to help consumers in the recognition of energy saving products. This program also promotes the environmental and economic benefits to these siding products through the Energy Star label. At Bordner, Energy Star endorses all of our products.

How long can I realistically expect siding to last on my house?

Most people are under the impression that all siding is the same. However, fiber cement and vinyl siding perform differently than other siding types, and are available in different levels of quality and longevity. The standard rule is – “the cheaper the price, the shorter the life of the product.” At Bordner, all of our siding products come with a lifetime warranty that protects your siding against fading, as well as unique manufacturers’ warranties for each product, along with our installation warranty and satisfaction guarantee. Our siding products include the best warranties on the market. This does not, however, make them the most expensive. All of our products are priced to fit your budget.

Do all siding contractors replace the rotted wood before they install the siding?

No, not all siding installers replace the rotted wood. However, at Bordner, we replace all the rotted wood before we install your siding. The price you receive from us includes replacement of all visible wood rot. Sometimes wood rot and other siding problems are hidden and is not discovered until the old siding is removed. We always maintain open communication with our homeowners and never cover up existing wood rot.

I like the look of wood siding, but want something more maintenance free. What are my options?

To achieve the look of wood, without the maintenance, you should consider fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding is available in a wide variety of finishes, colors and textures, won’t rot, is impervious to wood-boring insects, and resists the aging effects of UV rays. Call us today for a free estimate!