Choosing the best windows and doors can be very confusing due to the large variety of styles, colors, quality and costs of the products available. Bordner can assist you in making the best selections for your window or door project.

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Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

There are four basic materials used in making windows: aluminum, wood, vinyl and fiberglass. Read below to learn about the benefits (and any shortcomings) of the different materials, or click here to learn about our fiberglass windows and vinyl windows. 

Aluminum windows are primarily used in commercial applications. They are very strong. However, aluminum easily conducts heat and cold, and is not recommended for residential use.

Wood windows are the conventional choice for new construction. Most people discover that as the years pass, wood window and door products require a lot of maintenance, including painting and caulking. In the end, most wooden windows eventually give way to rot and need replacing.

Vinyl windows offer excellent insulation value, never need painting or scraping, and do not rot. The new construction market has started installing vinyl windows in new homes as part of an effort to market a more maintenance free home. Learn more about vinyl windows products.

Fiberglass is superior to other window and door materials. Not only is it maintenance free, but also has exceptional thermal and energy-saving performance. Learn more about fiberglass window products.

The Right Products and the Right Installation

Bordner’s highly trained window installers, along with our time-tested systems, ensure your windows will be installed properly and perform correctly for the long run. Click here to learn more about our window replacement and door installation services, or call us today at (816) 358-2102.